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Instant Relief!See For Yourself

​​(Brainstem blockage is usually why low back pain keeps coming back!  The doctor must know how to release it!)

Surgeon tried to singe pain nerves in Gwen's back one month earlier.  Terrible pain since eases fast after neck adjustment frees nerves to lower back.

Double vision from MS stopped instantly!

At the end, watch Michael's face as he suddenly is aware that the pain of two years is nearly gone in 60 seconds!

Chiropractic known to Help: 

We are one of the few Grostic nerve specialists in the entire state.  If you've tried other treatments that didn't work well, you need to come visit us! It should be well worth your time. 

We have many patients who drive very long distances, as this precision approach is only  available in about a dozen offices in the whole state!

In general we serve Genesee County, including Clio, Davison, Flushing, Grand Blanc, Mt. Morris, and Swartz Creek, plus Fenton, Lapeer, and Owosso, but we also have patients who drive from Detroit, Port Huron, Saginaw Midland, and the Thumb.


Back Pain                                                 Acne
Disc Alignment                                         Allergy
Headaches                                               Arm, Shoulder pain
Scoliosis                                                   Arthritis
Spinal Degeneration                                 Asthma
Sciatica                                                     Bed Wetting
Joint Pain                                                  Bladder Infections
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                          Colitis
Whiplash                                                   Constipation                
Sports Injuries                                           COPD
Neck Pain                                                  Diabetes
Stiff Neck                                                   Headaches
Car Accident Injuries                                 High Blood Pressure
Arthritis                                                      Insomnia
Frozen shoulder                                        Menstrual Pain
Hip pain                                                     Sinusitis
Pulled hamstrings                                      Skin Conditions
Radiating Arm and Leg Pain                      Stomach Conditions

See articles describing most of these titles undr YOUR SYMPTOMS on left.

Our cervical treatment offers a highly precision correction for old auto injuries.

Major Back and Leg Spasm Stop Within 60 Seconds after Brainstem Release!  Totally Dramatic Video..

Brainstem Release just doesn't work any faster than this:                                                       Fran Evans

Dr. Kribs' Tip of the Week

Jack W. Kribs

Chiropractor Serving  Swartz Creek, Flushing, Flint and beyond.​​

(Low back therapy also available.)​​

.CHIROPRACTIC’S BRAINSTEM RELEASE SPECIALTY         (The heart of original chiropractic.)

 The chiropractic principle is far greater than direct therapy on your back.  The true chiropractic idea releases the full power of healing in your body.  It’s fantastic, often like a miracle.

Watch the video of Linda.  She walks tentatively due to her pain.  She gets down on the table carefully.  She receives the brainstem release (in her neck), and the power that runs her body flows down her spinal cord and stops her muscle spasm!  Instantly - - - because the cause has been removed at the source. 

Is it fake?  No, the camera was not turned off during the whole time period.

Does it happen for everyone?   No, but often we have had people whose steady back pain had been with them for years, have their pain stop after only a few neck adjustments at the brainstem.   (See the testimony of Mr. William Marah below Linda’s.)

It also releases  the healing power to the sinuses at the same time, (see Testimonial List).  Also the lungs, and the stomach, pancreas, bladder - - - whatever you have where the power of your brain has been blocked off for healing!


             It’s worth the drive to Beecher Rd. Chiropractic. (810) 733-3370

​​Our amazing videos have brought people to Flint fromAtlanta, Ga, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, Troy, Clarkson, etc.

Phone calls have been received from Finland, France,  Great Britain,  Hungary, Toronto,  New York City,  etc.

See these videos if your back pain is always there. There may be a reason!

(810) 733-3370

Beecher Rd. Chiropractic
4541Beecher Rd., Flint, Michigan, 

Good morning!   Our health thought for today introduces the nervous system as our primary source of well-being.  Any blockage by mis-aligned vertebrae interferes with some function of the body (because each nerve obviously is needed for smooth, complete action in the area it serves.)

Everyday nerve blockages are small and temporary.  Think ‘kinks’ from sleeping in an awkward position.  A little movement or stretching puts the nerves and circulation back in order and function instantly returns.  But what about the times when you bump your head, or fall missing the last step off the porch?  If the vertebra gets jarred beyond what a simple stretch can right, how is one going to get it back into position (off the nerves it blocks?)  Sure, everyday activities eventually can work most of these out, but sometimes the damage will remain permanent, and grow worse and worse over the years, if a proper adjustment or manipulation is not accomplished, either intentionally or by another accident.

Consider a monthly screening to see if any blockages exist.  Certainly do it two or three times a year to catch any silent pathology that is getting a foothold from some nerve that is shut down.

Brainstem Release stops 20 year pain from injury fast!

Make The Trip!

See Linda walking in pain, have her nerves released at the brainstem, then get up and walk out the spasm of several days!

(See how Dylan looked the day before under 'Testimonials' on left.)

Brainstem Release

Often Stops Low Back Pain Instantly.

The brain runs every part of the body.  See dramatic, instant relief of knee pain, and know the cause could be at the top!