There are many types of allergies. Allergy to pollen that affects the nose and eyes is perhaps the most widespread. But allergies to food, mold, or even grass can bring about devastating results, such as diarrhea, hives and asthma.

The body has powerful forces within that defend it against invading foreign substances. The lymph system with its white corpuscles and antibodies, glands of the skin, the kidneys, the liver, the bowels, all work together to protect us against all but the most powerful drugs and poisons. These defense mechanisms are kept healthy and in balance by the inborn wisdom of the body that chiropractors call "innate intelligence". This intelligence centers in the nervous system, especially the brain and spinal cord, and controls all parts of the body.

Chiropractors have found that vertebrae of the spine that normally protect the spinal cord, can be knocked slightly out of place and block the nerves. The tissues that manufacture antibodies require coordination and direction from the brain to remain healthy. If just the right nerves are blocked, certain tissues fail to produce properly, and antibodies are then produced that react improperly with the pollen, mold, or food, etc. Allergy is the result.

The logical treatment, of course, is to change the antibodies' reaction if possible, not run all of one's life from dog fur or pollen. The problem is how? Shots to change it often work, but you may have to rely on them for years.

The chiropractor corrects the boney interference to the nerves. If he frees the nerves to tissues responsible for antibody production, the wisdom of the body takes over, and many many times healing occurs - - -all from within.

A very practical problem of human nature exists, however, concerning the public's general awareness regarding the healing aspect of chiropractic. You see there is rarely any pain in the spine at the site of these tiny misalignments. There is nothing to tip off the patient or his physician to look to the spine for a relationship. Yet people who have enough spinal pain to seek a chiropractic correction, often report their allergies disappear as their spines are corrected. (Of course the chiropractor must accomplish a complete release of the nerves, especially in the cervical area, for this result.)

The chiropractor's job is not treatment oriented. He does not treat diseases, or technically even sore backs. The pure and original intent of chiropractic is the release and maintenance of the body's communication network. The body then has its best chances to heal itself, and all sorts of things repair on their own.

It is unfortunate to think that everything has been tried, if the very inner core of communications has been left short-circuited. Try chiropractic. Your body may work right after all, if the power is turned on.

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