Shoulder pain is most often caused by bursitis, which is inflammation of a bursal sac. Bursal sacs are the slippery tissues around joints. The common site of bursitis is the shoulder, but it is sometimes found in the knee, elbow, or other joints.

The majority of cases are caused by minor injury or merely overwork, and clear up quickly because the body's repair mechanisms are working harmoniously. In other cases something is out of balance so the pain persists. The person then seeks the aid of a doctor or therapist. The treatments, besides pain medication and anti-inflammatories, are given directly to the joint. They loosen, stretch, exercise, irrigate, remove any irritation such as calcium deposits, restore circulation, or restore hormonal balance at the joint, hoping to reduce the inflammation and pain. (Remember, however, these treatments on the joint are given only when nature does not heal it on her own.) Various hormonal shots, joint manipulation, heat, vibration, whirlpool baths, and other procedures are employed to treat the joint. They do a good job many times. They actually do what the body is not doing in these particular cases.

The chiropractor works differently. We ask the basic questions, "Why is the body out of balance here? Why is there a calcium build-up or poor circulation? Why isn't the body able to repair the shoulders of these particular patients, while other people are able to heal on their own? And when patients are eventually helped by some outside therapy on the joint, why do these cases very often have a weakness left, or a return of the same condition some months or years later?"

You see, doing a function OF the body FOR that body from the OUTSIDE, because the body is not doing it for itself INSIDE, does not rely on the body to heal on its own. True, the tissues may be helped for awhile until the next time, but we must still ask the question, why did it go bad in the first place, or why didn't it heal?

The answer lies with the proper nerve supply. Nerves that feed the shoulder tissues (or any tissues for that matter) begin in the brain. They pass through the neck vertebrae as part of the spinal cord and branch off to each shoulder. At the shoulder the nerve messages can stimulate the local circulation or slow it down. The brain constantly has knowledge of all body tissues. When a tissue is damaged the brain knows, and immediately the right nerve commands are sent to the damaged part, causing repair to begin at full speed.

Thus, when we injure our shoulder, normally it heals quickly, completely, and beautifully. The automatic workings within us are magnificent. On the other hand, if the nerves to the shoulder are not intact, because a spinal vertebra is slightly out of place pinching a few of them, the natural intelligence no longer is able to initiate repair.

Now--should we do the body's job and heat the shoulder, rub it, wash it, oil it, vibrate it, or put in extra hormones? This is about what the body itself would accomplish if it could, were the nerves intact. Or should we instead adjust the twisted vertebra to restore the freedom of the nerve system, so the body itself can do exactly what is necessary for permanent repair?

The chiropractor simply tries to free the inside power, rather than attempting to do its job. The results of healing from the inside are far more gratifying and permanent!

The idea is simple: the power that made the body heals the body.

See a chiropractor regularly for "nervous system" check-ups. Experience the well-being a healthy nervous system creates. You may not have to "learn to live with it" or exist on pills.

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