Asthma is a pitiful and often terrifying condition in which the muscles of the bronchial air tubes contract and will not let enough air into the lungs for breathing.

It can be triggered by normally harmless things like pollen, foods, dust, mold, or grass. It can also come as a secondary result of a cold.

People have lived for years trying to avoid all things that trigger their attacks. Occasionally they must rush to the hospital for shots that will relax the tubes to let air pass. Many take shots weekly for years to try to change the antibodies in the blood that react wrongly with the environment.

Chiropractors discovered many years ago that when they straightened out a person's back problem, his asthma would often disappear. Then through research, they reasoned that what they were doing was releasing the inner healing power in the body. Since that time chiropractors have made their overall purpose not backs, but the nervous system.

The chiropractor's job is to release the flow of the body's inborn intelligence. This is the intelligence that automatically runs our body without our having to think about it. It operates the bronchial tubes as we breathe. It oversees and directs the production of healthy antibodies in the blood. Inborn intelligence heals and coordinates every­thing! Its main center is the brain. It uses the spinal cord and nerves to carry its messages.

The chiropractor's goal is to keep the spine in line so this intelligence remains free to operate. Spinal vertebrae can be slightly out of place and block communications to the lungs. The inner intelligence then cannot direct, and spasms in the bronchial tubes may be the result. Straightening the spine to release the pathways allows the inner intelligence to regulate, relax, and balance these tubes. The body heals itself.

Vertebrae may instead block nerves that feed the tissues that manufacture antibodies. When the chiropractor releases these nerves, the inner intelligence again flashes its messages to those tissues, which then are usually able to heal themselves, and create antibodies that do not react wrongly with the pollen, dust, etc. The vast majority of people with asthma report that their symptoms go away permanently when the chiropractor keeps their spine in line.

The idea is simple: the power that made the body heals the body, and rushes healing commands to whatever part is not right, once the nerve network is free to carry all messages. Chiropractors with their highly skillful hands keep this flow going by correcting and maintaining spinal alignment. (Be sure that your chiropractor has a system of checking and correcting the vital upper cervical area, however, or he may well miss the actual nerves involved.)

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