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As much as 95% of the time, there is an underlying root cause for back problems that is overlooked by the public and physicians alike. That cause is something that has happened within the spine, often long preceding the initial injury or pain episode. This original, early causative factor lets the discs and/or the muscles, usually in the lumbar area, slowly and silently weaken. So insidious is this process that often the original spasm leaves the patient incredulous as to how it could have happened. Sometimes as little as picking a spoon up off the floor triggers it, but it usually has been developing for a long time.

Apparent causes, like a vertebra snapping out of place with a dull pop, have been dealt with naturally enough for years, by patients seeking a doctor of chiropractic to have a hip or lumbar re-set or "adjusted" back to where it belonged. But an underlying root cause, usually the reason the spot grew weak in the first place, is not always dealt with at the instance of the emergency re-setting. When the immediate episode ends, the patient again feels pretty good, and not really understanding about any "underlying cause", goes off about his business until the next time. He is happy enough to be sure, but does not realize that the weakening is still going on inside, quietly, year after year. As this slow degeneration takes place, successive attacks eventually become more severe and harder to lick, until the pain becomes constant, perhaps even to the point of surgery with all its potential problems.

That root cause almost always present, and a key often responsible for the body not working right in other areas as well, is usually a vertebra higher up in the spine that has been jarred out of place, perhaps years earlier. It brings just enough pressure against the spinal cord or brain stem to insidiously block power to two or three spots lower in the body, including the area of the back we are considering. No longer having the full nerve control from above, the affected areas slowly weaken. Also there is usually no pain at this higher causative area to tip a person off as to its existence, or to its relationship to the lower problems. So one lives with the inevitable deterioration.

Two things happen then, as a result of correcting the crooked places in the spine, (both the pain area and causative area): ONE, the back naturally feels better. TWO, and more importantly, when the spine is in line, the inborn intelligence of the body is fully free to travel up and down the body using a now-freed nervous system.

This intelligence is the master coordinator of the body. It balances the muscle tone of the back automatically. It creates strength on both sides of the spine so curvatures do not develop. It keeps muscles balanced so spasms do not hit. Frequently an accurate neck adjustment will actually instantly stop a chronic pain in the lumbars or the leg, to the amazement of the patient!    

As the inner intelligence is kept free, any other areas of the body also affected by the bony short-circuit will work better as well. The power that runs the body will again be able to direct function and coordinate healing from within, affecting also the sinuses, bowels, etc. Because of this, it is important to have your chiropractor begin an OVERALL spinal corrective program that monitors the entire spine for nerve blockages, not just the painful area. The neglected upper neck area is often the reason many patients still fail to thrive after ordinary back manipulation or spinal surgery. Also many times a bulging disc is not actually the cause of the pain.  We often see pain disappear immediately after nerves to the area have been freed coming down from the neck - and this sometimes on patients who have been scheduled for disc surgery! 

The chiropractor by his extensive training, much experience, and sophisticated adjustment tables, is able to gently reset the misplaced vertebrae with his hands. Spinal corrections to keep the inner control mechanism free to work, can be done on day-old babies or 100-year-old men.



Pay attention to your nervous system at the spine. It just may be the answer.

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A block in your vital brain stem area may be the cause of your chronic low back pain.

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