The bladder is a muscular, elastic-like sac that collects waste water from the kidneys and stores it for elimination.

Two of the most frequent problems affecting the bladder are: infections, and inability to hold the urine. (Please refer to our literature on bed wetting for this second problem.)

Many, many times doctors of chiropractic receive reports of total disappearance of chronic infections while they are correcting someone's spinal problems. Let's look at the physiology behind it.

The bladder is made up of millions of tiny cells. To have good resistance against germs, these cells must be kept strong. If the cells are weak, infections can set in. Enough blood, with the right nutriments, must get through to a part to keep the resistance strong.

Chiropractors recognize that there is an inner wisdom that co-ordinates everything in the body. This inborn intelligence sees to it that enough blood flows to a part. It also oversees the manufacture of the blood so the right building materials are in it.

To co-ordinate this blood manufacture and keep a full flow to the bladder, the inner intelligence has for its use a fantastic network of nerves that carries its messages everywhere.

Chiropractors find that vertebrae in the spine can be twisted slightly out of place, and interfere with the nerves that go by. This can put a short-circuit on the nerves between the brain and the blood vessels to the bladder. These vessels may then chronically constrict, and not allow enough life-giving nutrition to pass through. Delicate bladder tissues eventually grow weak and germs can take over. (White blood cells to fight infection are also denied quick access, if the vessels are constricted.)

The minor deviations of the spine may also be short-circuiting the nerves that carry the coordinating commands to the liver and intestines. Possible results could be a slow-down in the manufacture of required nutriments from the food in the intestines. Malaise and generally lowered resistance could be the result of such chronic shortage.

A logical thing to do, if nerve interference were discovered at the spine, would be to correct the misaligned vertebra. This would remove the blockage at the spine, and allow the inner intelligence freedom to direct healing, wherever it is needed. Astonishing things happen when the person's own nervous system is back in charge of his body.

We might add that there usually is no pain in the spine that would cause a person to ever associate an infection in the bladder with his back. So people live on as best they can, with this root cause never investigated.

The chiropractor does not invite you to see him to treat the infection. His job is strictly to keep the spine free and clear so there is a free flow of innate messages up and down the nervous system. By doing so, each part in the body has its best chances of healing and maintaining itself, being in harmony with all other parts, and all guided by the intelligence inside.

Millions of Americans follow this natural healing philosophy. You may not have to "learn to live with it."

To hear the testimony of a leader of the Genesee County Sheriff's "Security In Ministry" organization, click here.  Colonel Ralph Tedford tells how his urinary frequency improved with upper cervical adjustments. 

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