The function of the large bowel is primarily that of collecting the food mass after the stomach and the small intestine have removed from it the nutrition the body needed. It then periodically expels what it collects. An important part of its job is to remove water from the mass as it is collected.

The intestinal tract all along its course moves by a series of muscular contractions when the food has been in an area long enough. The moving is all coordinated by the inborn intelligence in the brain. The commands to contract and move are carried to the muscular walls of the intestine by nerves from the brain.

Constipation is most often created by a breakdown in this communication network! The command to "move" is issued at headquarters in the brain. But as it flashes down the spinal cord to activate the muscles below, it gets short-circuited by a vertebra of the spine slightly out of place. The result: slow down! (And there is no warning pain at the spine to tip one off as to its connection with the bowel.)

The results from the blocked commands are unfortunate. Food continues to collect and sit. As it sits water is continuously removed. Now we not only have less activity, but also harder stools.

The bowels must be made to move. From what we have described, the logical course of action is to remove the root cause in the nervous system. The body's intelligence must take over to command movement on schedule. Dietary changes to add bulk such as raw vegetables or bran makes good sense. But if the nerve blockage is not corrected, this method becomes a lifetime of tedious attention.

A laxative, that poisons the body so emergency action must be taken to flush it out, should always be the very last choice.

Chiropractors work with the spine to keep the body's communication network open. The chiropractor is highly skilled at finding points of nerve blockage along the spine and releasing them. (Do find a chiropractor that has a complete system of checking and correcting the vital upper cervical area, however, as most of the nerves in the body must pass through this very flexible area.)

With the nervous system free, the inner wisdom of the body can again control and heal the bowels. It works well for babies as well as 90 year olds.

The idea is simple: the power that made the body, heals the body. See a chiropractor regularly for "nervous system" check-ups. Join the millions of Americans who are enjoying this natural method of health care. Experience the well being a healthy nervous system creates.

You may not have to "learn to live with it".

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