Could Chiropractic fail?



Chiropractic manipulation, therapy devices, exercise, diet, meditation, rest, toxin-free living, all blend to help you live an active and possibly long and comfortable life. (Much of the time.) It's all wonderful and a necessary thing, but because it often lacks one element, lots of people still suffer for a lifetime with various back pain or other health issues - even while slaves to the above.


The original chiropractic base has the potential to actually get and keep the body well from disease, not just backache! It is profound because it makes it so the body's amazing intelligence can do the work. With the nervous system totally free, the inborn intelligence can reach every part and keep each tissue healing and functional - all without outside interference or help. Profound! (So do both approaches!)


The fact that you are receiving manipulations and you hear cracking and popping sounds when the doctor does them DOES NOT mean that the nerves are being completely freed to all parts of your body! When he(she) is done, you may feel wonderful in a lot of ways, but because some of the nerve tracts in the spine, especially in the upper neck, are still blocked, whatever tissues are out at the ends of those blocked tracts will still not be healing or functioning well. (This probably is the reason you may not have gotten well, even though you thought you had tried chiropractic!)

As an example, some organ may not be receiving its nerve control messages for years, even though the chiropractor has been loosening you up weekly. That organ slowly degenerates and eventually takes you to the grave - long before all the healthy ones are ready to go. (Why get sickly for ten years and finally die miserably at eighty, when keeping all the organs going could give you lively action until a hundred? Nerve control to each organ keeps it going.)

One problem is, you don't feel the organ starting to slide. By the time it is sickly, it may be too late. And of course there is no pain in the spine to tell you that this organ does not have its nerve control fully flowing! So the solution is, have a method to be able to check the spinal nerve tracts on some kind of regular basis to be sure your amazing inborn intelligence remains in full control.


Just because you are being manipulated once a week absolutely does not guarantee you are walking out of the chiropractor's office with all the nerve tracts flowing freely! There has to be a way to check for completeness.

Conversely, when you walk into the chiropractor's office, it is pretty essential that he does not manipulate the upper cervical area if it is already holding its proper position. The goal is to have the segments right, so if they are actually centered, it would be foolish to jostle them around and possibly knock them back out of place!

So it is essential to have a means of checking for actual nerve interference, both to be sure the job gets done, and to be able to leave it alone when it is already good. (Know that 95% of the time the person or even the doctor for his own spine, is unable to know if he has a quiet nerve blockage - one that doesn't give pain as a warning. Not knowing, not feeling pain, does not insure that you are not degenerating somewhere inside!)

There are various methods of determining the nerve block aspect in chiropractic.

1. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, had an instrument that compared the heat of the skin simultaneously on one side of the spine to the other. When he found a spot that was definitely hotter, with some graphing he was able to know if it was from a blocked nerve under the skin. Dr. John Grostic, a later researcher, made use of this, often adjusting the offending area several times with his light-touch method until the heat reading was equal on each side. There are some quite sophisticated instruments now in use that chart heat patterns.

2. Dr. Ian Toftness had an instrument that took readings of various areas around the spine that emitted a certain vibration. With it he could tell if the nerve blockage was indeed there when the patient entered the room, as well as tell if it were at the top or bottom of the spine.

3. Almost all chiropractors use a sense of touch to feel for misalignments. This is certainly useful, but should be coupled with one or more of the other testing methods before deciding if a spine (especially the cervical spine) needs work or has been completely finished.

4. Leg measurement. When done with accuracy, the chiropractor can tell within at least eighty percent if the nerve interference has been removed. Often, with the patient on his back, a leg can be pulled up by the low back muscles a full inch. The chiropractor can make a neck adjustment to release nerves to those low back muscles and get so much release that the muscles will totally balance, and the legs will come even. Another scenario is when the neck adjustment only releases a part of the blockage and the leg drops down to a half an inch difference. Obviously, the chiropractor would want to go back and do a little more to achieve a full release. This could require three or four attempts.

An interesting failure is when the chiropractor gets the leg difference down by half, then his next adjustment kicks the imbalance back up to the full inch! Something obviously went wrong. It is at that point the the chiropractor must figure a different direction to push the segment (maybe requiring a new x-ray). Obviously, if he does not get all the nerve blockage removed, something at the end of the blocked nerve will not heal.

The goal for all of these methods is to first be sure all nerve blockages are gone so the long-term health of all the organs and tissues (including the back itself) is facilitated. A completing of this goal is to train the segments so they stay off the nerves permanently - not requiring weekly re-settings! (This is where the checking system is so important, so the chiropractor knows when to leave it alone!) It also means the chiropractor must have a consistent and accurate method of setting the segments so they truly do release all the blockages on each visit.

The patient's conscious job is to not do actions that re-subluxate the segment the chiropractor is trying to train. His unconscious job is for his body to heal and strengthen the ligaments and tissues that hold the proper alignment once the chiropractor puts the segments in place. This usually takes several months, especially if the misalignments were severe or of long-standing.

The goodness of the whole process is the patient will have the chance to enjoy truly great health for maybe twenty years longer than his fellows. The sadness of the situation is if the patient chooses only the loosening-up type of care, he may not enjoy an active old age or even get there.

Please join us in making our life-saving message fully known to those around you!

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