Diabetes is caused by malfunction of the pancreas. Small cells in one end of this organ normally produce exactly the right amounts of insulin needed in our bodies for every instant of the day or night. In hypoglycemia, which is basically the opposite of diabetes, too much insulin is manufactured, driving down the level of sugar in the blood. When not enough insulin is produced, the sugar level rises, resulting in “sugar diabetes”.

Fortunately, medical researchers have discovered this, and doctors are usually able to add extra insulin when the pancreas is not working hard enough. Many owe their lives to these efforts.

Interestingly, a phenomenon has been observed by chiropractors that may add yet another light to man’s knowledge. For years, while straightening crooked spines, chiropractors have noticed that their patients with diabetes have had their doctors tell them to cut back on their insulin.


The health of any tissue, including the island cell of the pancreas, is dependant on the blood circulation that feeds the tissue and carries away toxic waste products. This very circulation is controlled by the brain, via the nervous system. When a spinal vertebra is twisted out of place in just the right spot, it can set up a short-circuit in the nerve pathway that controls a gland’s blood vessels, shrinking the blood flow there, and thus causing the tissue to slowly degenerate. (This could be over several years time, and there would have been no pain at the spine to alert the person or his doctor that blocked nerves had been cutting back the blood during that time.) With the glandular tissues of the pancreas wasted away, they are unable to produce the full amount of insulin needed to run the body.

Fortunately modern medicine is able to quite closely estimate the amount of insulin the person is short of, and supply it from the outside. This has extended lives for millions. Adding the chiropractic release of the nervous system often reverses the process of deterioration and has restored totally normal function of the pancreas in thousands of cases. Chiropractic nerve release can almost always aid people who are just beginning with diabetes, as their glandular tissue has not yet totally degenerated. Even for old established cases, it is simply right to release all nerve blockages at the spine. There is an automatic intelligence resident in all of us that work continuously to keep our tissues going. It is always right to keep this magnificent inner intelligence able to communicate freely with each part. If a part has been removed or is totally deteriorated, it is still the right thing to do to keep the nervous system free, if for nothing more than to prevent some other tissue from weakening. And sometimes even the worst cases of diabetes can begin to produce a few units of insulin again, if the nerve connection to the brain can be restored. Patients who try this release at the spine can at least count on nerves to other areas of their body being released, which means they will feel generally better, even if the pancreas proves to be beyond repair.

As a side note, it is important for the chiropractor to have a method of testing the nervous system to be certain he has accomplished a total release – a release of all the blocked nerves, not just a few relating to a low back problem! Our office uses the precision Grostic method of upper cervical adjusting along with any low back care required. Our program is to test for all nerve blockages each visit before the patient is released on that day. The goal is to eventually have the patient enter the office, have the tests, and be found clear – not needing an adjustment on that visit. When this can happen for several weeks or months in a row, the nervous system has its best chance to make a difference in damaged or degenerated tissues anywhere in the body. (And until such a state is reached, a sick tissue may never be able to repair.)

To hear the testimony of a leader of the Genesee County Sheriff's "Security In Ministry" organization, click here.  Colonel Ralph Tedford tells how his blood sugar improved with upper cervical adjustments.

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