The usual approach to treating headaches is just that: It "treats" them. Pain killers or any other drug aimed at relieving the miseries of headache are given to somehow stop or hide the symptoms. It is considered "treatment", not correction, when one deals with symptoms.


The vast majority of headaches have a common cause that can be traced either directly or indirectly to slightly twisted vertebrae in the neck. These misalignments chronically impinge or irritate nerves, but often are not painful enough to be noticed.


Sometimes people are aware of a tightness in the neck just below the skull. A trained chiropractor can isolate a twisted second vertebra that is as little as a sixteenth of an inch off center. Sometimes a person can ask a co-worker to gently rub the two sides of the neck. They may be able to make you aware of how one side is slightly more tender than the other.

Another sure sign of nerve impingement in the neck, is a drawing up of a hip on one side. Lie on your back with your feet hanging one inch over the edge of the top stair, or a table or solid bench. Have someone grasp your shoes and roll them up together to compare. (They should not lift the legs.) A short leg means a nerve blockage in the neck.

Look in the mirror. Does your head kink to one side compared to your neck? Is one ear or one eye higher? Our x-rays measure this down to one quarter of a degree, but if it is readily visible to you, you can be pretty certain there is nerve impingement there.


It is common for 70% of an upper cervical chiropractor's headache patients to experience immediate relief after a corrective cervical adjustment. Another 20% require a short series of adjustments before relief is apparent. Others who have definite organic problems may still recover in time, but only if certain hormonal balances can again be established, or malfunctioning organs creating various toxic states can be corrected, both of which can often be accomplished by the release of the nerve control mechanism inside.

Chiropractic has built its reputation by correcting this root cause for stubborn cases. The release of the nervous system allows the wondrous controlling intelligence of the body to finally be able to go to work on malfunctioning glands or organs. What happens often seems like a miracle.

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