This was a story on Good Morning American that tells a story about the positive effects of chiropractic care for high blood pressure.


The following treatise presents a philosophy of healing not well known by the general public, but which has been happily utilized by chiropractors, their families, and millions of patients for over 100 Years. While the chiropractor realizes the importance of diet, exercise, rest, and the avoidance of toxins and stress, nevertheless there is a certain percentage of the population whose high blood pressure responds rather quickly to the realignment of the spine, releasing the control nerves passing through it. It does not hurt to have the spine corrected, and if this happened to be the element that caused the elevation of the blood pressure in an individual, it would be well to find out, before living a lifetime on pills for something that could be fixed.

If you have already been treated by a chiropractor and this part of your health did not improve, it is actually possible you had only part of the nervous system released (as for back muscle spasms), and did not have all of the blockages dealt with. We recommend a person locate a chiropractor that has instrumentation to determine if all the involved nerves have been released before they leave the office. It would be especially wise to locate a chiropractor specializing in the upper cervical area.

Blood pressure is the force exerted on artery walls as the heart pumps blood through them. The blood in our circulatory systems is always under pressure, somewhat as water in the pipes of a water system. The pressure of the blood depends on the strength and rate of the heart's contractions, the amount of blood in the system, caking on the inside of the arteries, and the elasticity or tension of the arteries carrying the blood. In all of us, this varies from minute to minute, going up when we are tense or excited, and going down when we are relaxed. However, the pressure goes too high in some persons, and stays that way. This is called high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

High blood pressure in itself is not a disease. It is a danger signal letting us know something is wrong. If allowed to exist too long, it may become a major health problem, resulting in even more damage to the heart, kidneys, or other organs.

High blood pressure may be indicated in various ways: Shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness when posture is changed, and ringing in the ears are a few. Any such symptoms should be taken seriously.

For blood pressure to remain normal, the heart must pump with the right force and the proper amount of blood must be in the system. The kidney tissues must be strong, healthy, and eliminating properly, and the arteries must not be constricted by unnatural tension, or be rigid, or be shrunk because of collections of various substances on the inner walls.

Chiropractors teach that there is a natural inborn coordinator within the body that works to keep these tissues and all tissues in balance and healthy. This inborn intelligence resides in the brain, and uses the spinal cord and nervous system to orchestrate and direct all functions to keep balance.

Chiropractors have found that vertebrae of the spine can be jarred slightly out of place, enough to block or irritate nerve tracts. If the nerves that are blocked happen to be the ones the intelligence uses to control the health and balance of any major aspect of the blood pressure system, these organs or tissues will fail to function in harmony. Kidney tissue, an important part of the blood pressure picture, for example, can literally degenerate over time and be a cause of high blood pressure, if there is a chronic blockage of the nerves that carry the brain's control messages to that tissue.

After chiropractic spinal adjustments release the nervous system, the intelligence inside may work to affect the blood pressure by two different means. An immediate action is through a relaxation of muscle tensions. This quite logically drops blood pressure through pure mechanics, sometimes up to 30-40 points systolic within a few minutes. Such relaxation lasts until the vertebrae again lose their alignment, irritate the nerves (thus blocking normal intelligence flow for control), and things tighten back up, so it calls for a period of spinal correction to cause the spine to hold its proper 'no interference' position.  (Relaxation from freeing spinal nerves also helps people deal better with stress - another major cause.)

When actual tissue changes are causing constriction, however, the response is not instant with the restoration of this innate control. Tissues may have actually degenerated for lack of an environment fully supplied with nutritional requirements. Depending on which control nerve tract has been chronically blocked by the slightly dislodged vertebrae, there may be a change in the health or function of a gland or organ normally responsible for the body's use of fat, calcium, or cholesterol, etc.  If the tissue cells of the blood vascular system then become short of certain minerals or hormones (because those other organs have been shut-down that would normally have been supplying them), or are supplied the wrong chemicals needed to stay elastic and well, their deterioration could ultimately be traced back to the long-standing spinal blockage to the supply organs. The body's master coordinator has been stymied, not being able to organize and call forth all the needed body chemicals. Then, depending on the lack, the blood vessel walls prematurely lose their elasticity, and a chronic high blood pressure situation results.

The communications system must be released for any real chances to reverse this process. It must be understood, however, that chiropractic care IS aimed one hundred per cent at correction the flow of innate communications over the nerve network, and it IS NOT aimed at treating high blood pressure or any disease process specifically. The healing that happens after chiropractic, is whatever is commanded or coordinated by the innate wisdom, not the chiropractor. The doctor of chiropractic does not and can not make the wisdom heal, nor make it do anything. He simply reestablishes the free-flow of communications between the brain and the various tissues. What the inner wisdom does is up to it. Naturally one of its main attributes is that of keeping its house in working repair.

The chiropractor makes corrective adjustments on the spinal vertebrae he finds jarred out of position by the stresses of life.Healing of any nature has its best chance with the inner wisdom back in control. (Persons with even the most deadly disease processes would do well to have this inner control system in tact and working trying to heal from within, while any traditional direct treatment methods are being used from the outside as emergency measures.)

A note must be made concerning the chiropractic corrective approach. It often requires a period of straightening and restructuring, but its ultimate goal is to produce a spine that is not only correct, but quite permanently stable. This is not a process of glorified massage or manipulation of some sort, to keep a patient continually limber or relaxed. When the spine is correct and stabilized after the initial period of intensive care, the patient may need only a monthly or even semi-annual nerve check-up. The body's intelligence works on and on without "treatments", as long as the vertebrae of the spine stay in line and off the nerves.

Enlist the help of your own nervous system in your game-plan for health maintenance. It's a natural!

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