Insomnia is a nervous disorder in which a mechanism in the brain will not release to allow a person to fall asleep. He may go to bed late, lie there for three or four hours, and finally fall asleep at dawn. Or, he may awaken in the night and find it difficult to regain sleep. An occasional bout does no harm and can be readily made up, but more serious cases can be debilitating to the health, not to mention the unpleasantness of facing each frustrating night.

The brain is kept awake and aware of its surroundings by the stimuli it receives. Unless extremely exhausted, normal falling asleep is accomplished by shutting out most external stimuli that bombard the brain, from both the ears and eyes, and from the receptors in the skin.

There are also internal stimulators that shut down for the best sleep. Special nerve messages come to the brain from the muscles that constantly tell the brain their position and tone. Lying down in a comfortable position allows most muscles to relax, which slows the flow of 'position' messages back to the brain. Of course these internal stimuli need not be totally absent for sleep, as people have been known to sleep standing up or riding horseback.

Other factors can also keep one awake such as pain, grief, anxiety, and excitement. These emotions tend to keep the muscles tense. Nerve messages from the tensed muscles stream back to the lower brain, stimulating an area that needs to shut down for sleep.

Chiropractors often find that general nervousness and tensions disappear while they are correcting a person's spinal problems. People often report having their best night's sleep in months, after receiving their first spinal adjustment.

Chiropractors correct misaligned vertebrae of the spine for the purpose of removing nerve irritation. Their goal is that nerves to every area be free, so the inner intelligence of our bodies can totally control all life functions. When this is accomplished, the nervous system relaxes, anxiety and depression often disappear, muscle tensions release, and sleep often returns to normal.

Releasing pressure on spinal tracts may also affect cord communications with centers in the cerebral cortex itself. Not only can such release affect sleep patterns, but mental alertness is often improved during waking hours.

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