The knee is the largest joint in the body. It bears the majority of the body's weight and is freely movable. The joint is held together by ligaments and is cushioned in the middle by heavy cartilage. Injuries to the knee generally involve the ligaments or the cartilage.

Various doctors of chiropractic have different approaches and philosophies regarding direct treatment to the knee. This message deals with the original chiropractic principle, discussing the nervous system, and how it sometimes relates to knee problems - - problems involving nerves to the knee. These problems usually have become chronic, and do not respond to direct therapy on the joint itself.

For years chiropractors have observed conditions quite remote from the spine recovering when they corrected spinal problems. Certain lingering joint injuries, as well as Osgood-Schlatter's disease in young athletes, and knees that give out or buckle, often respond quickly during a course of spinal correction .

The reason lies in the nervous system. The brain, which is the master control area, houses the very principle of life. This is that automatic wisdom of the body which guides and coordinates all functions and all healing in the body. This wisdom or innate intelligence travels first down the spinal cord, and then down the nerves the leg, to send its messages of repair to the knee. Some of these messages control the circulation around and within the knee, a slow-down of which could account for joint disease or Osgood-Schlatter's . Others control and balance muscle groups around the knee joint. Interference with nerves that control muscles would cause a continual unbalanced pulling or strain on the joint, causing pain and eventual degeneration.

As messages go up and down the nerves and spinal cord, to and from the brain, they must pass in and out of the spine through rather small openings between the vertebrae. Occasionally a vertebra is jarred out of line by a fall or an accident. If something doesn't happen to jar it back into place, some of the nerves that emit from the spine at that level can be blocked. If nerves to the knee are the ones affected, the commands that regulate circulation there may be stifled, or a message affecting some other aspect of knee metabolism may be interrupted. The muscles that work on one side of the joint may be the area lacking the nerve control, so the knee is always working out of balance, and can never quite repair itself.

The chiropractor, though not treating the knee specifically, often sees healing there. The wisdom of the body, released when the chiropractor corrects the patient's spinal condition, goes to work in all areas of the body. If a knee requires healing, the inborn intelligence knows it, and very often is able to very pleasantly surprise the “back patient” with an additional healing he had not anticipated.

Frequently a knee that has sustained a direct blow has not actually been damaged, yet unexplainable pain results because the nerve responsible for that knee has been damaged. Unless there is obvious fracture or tearing of the knee, always have the spine and nervous system checked before attempting surgery. The knee may have taken a direct blow, but any lingering pain may be because a hip or the spine was jarred in the same injury, irritating the nerve to the knee and causing a purely nerve-generated pain or imbalance.  

The following video gives a direct example of a pinched nerve in the neck causing pain in the knee.  (The video is amateurish, but the result is very rewarding!)

Join the millions of Americans who rely on natural chiropractic to keep their nervous systems free. The power that made the body heals the body. It usually needs no help - - - just no interference !

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