The monthly cycle of women has long been misunderstood by women who suffer, and often mistakes about it are taught to daughters from generation to generation.

Pain, sickness, irregularity, and cramps are not a normal part of life, and such should not be taught for daughters to expect! If the body is not working right there has to be an explanation.

Chiropractors regularly hear reports from a majority of their women patients, that monthly pain all but disappears while they are having their spines attended for back trouble. This welcome side-benefit of spinal correction is due to the release of the nerve control system, once the spine has been realigned. The chiropractor's actual intention is to see that the nerve system is not short-circuited anywhere. (Though he works with the back, his real motive and purpose is specifically to keep the nerve network free, in order that the body's inner controlling intelligence may be unimpeded as it flows over the nerve system to run and coordinate all the functions of the body!)

The nervous system is made up of the brain, the spinal cord, and an immense network of nerves that go to every single place in the body--glands, organs, muscles, skin--everywhere. This system makes up the communication network of the body. Using the network is an inborn intelligence, guiding, directing, and harmonizing all actions. This is the automatic intelligence that automatically makes the heart beat faster when we climb a long flight of stairs. We don't have to think about it! It masterminds and coordinates some 800 activities of our liver, at the same time it is balancing the insulin production of the pancreas. It is totally capable of running all parts perfectly!

With such a master-mind built in, why do a good percentage of women suffer from some form of menstrual problem monthly? The answer lies with the nerve network itself, obviously not with the inner intelligence.

The vertebrae of the spine were designed to protect the delicate nervous system. But sometimes a fall in childhood, a car accident, or even birth itself, misaligns one or more of these bones. This is not a lot usually, (so that it would be obvious on a traditional medical x-ray), but it is still enough to irritate or outright block the nearby nerves.

The ovaries and the uterus are supplied by nerves. The inborn intelligence from the brain uses these nerves to regulate the blood supply and help stimulate the repair and function of these organs.

If a vertebra happens to be short-circuiting a nerve to the uterus, correcting its alignment releases the fantastic wisdom of the body to again relax and control and regulate. The role of the chiropractor is that of maintaining the communication network to be free from the interference of misaligned vertebrae. Healing and regulating are not his job, but a greater power inside the patient's body takes over, and does fantastic things when spinal adjustments eliminate blockages along the nervous system.

Many other sick tissues can also be healed from within in the same way.

The power that made the body heals the body. Join the millions of Americans who see the logic of releasing and keeping this natural inside control system free. You may not have to "learn to live with it".

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