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Dr. John Grostic of Ann Arbor Michigan pioneered precision adjusting of the upper cervical vertebrae, when as a newly graduated chiropractor he remained quite sickly, despite all of his teaching from the Palmer College in Davenport that a free nervous system should heal his body.

He took the philosophy of the all-important upper cervical area (that houses the brain stem) and instead of bumping and snapping it around in an attempt to release nerve blockages, he took perfectly aligned x-ray views of the area. Then with mathematical accuracy he measured the side-slip and rotation of C1 and C2, and created a system of hand adjusting, lining his body up behind his arms and hands to deliver a tiny force in precisely the right direction, gently driving the very movable upper cervical segments back into alignment. The idea was to drive them back down the same track they had taken to slip out of place. Moving the misaligned segments exactly back towards the center position often only took a movement of one or two millimeters. This was so small a distance that the patient did not feel anything move or happen at all.

The nerve release he accomplished at the base of the brain was often so phenomenal, that people hearing of the healings that followed with the brain back in control of the glands and organs, would book flights from California and all parts of the US to Ann Arbor, Michigan for this great man's work.

Atlas Orthogonal, Orthospinology, and NUCCA have carried on Dr. Grostic's work, and Flint is a major hub for it in Michigan.

Beecher Rd Chiropractic treats patients from the immediate suburbs of Clio, Davison, Durand, Fenton, Flushing, Grand Blanc, Mt. Morris, Owosso, Swartz Creek, but also people from as far away as Clarkson, Troy, Wayne, Saginaw, and Midland make the drive. One ex-resident, frequently makes the drive from Lexington, Kentucky.​

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Beecher Rd Chiropractic

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