We teach the pure principle of chiropractic: That there is an intelligent force within each body that directs and commands healing. No shoving or manipulating is usually done on children’s spines. No exercises are given. Certainly no braces are used or should ever be needed, or surgery that implants steel rods into the back.

The power inside the body simply heals. The original chiropractic idea describes how if a vertebrae in the neck area is out of place and blocking the flow of the child's own automatic intelligence inside, an imbalance of muscles of the spine can result, drawing a growing spine to one side. In time, it falls off the center of gravity so far that the body adapts by curving it back the other way. Eventually an entire “S” scoliosis may result. By applying a gentle nudge to the atlas vertebra in precisely the right direction, the chiropractor releases the flow of healing intelligence along the nervous system. The intelligence within balances out the pull of the spinal muscles --- all by itself!

If you suspect your child of having a beginning scoliosis, (or any other chronic health problem that could feasibly be associated with a blockage of the nerve control system), give us a call. We make an initial consultation at no charge to screen for such blockages.


A short leg almost always indicates nerve blockage in the upper cervical area. When measuring your child, have him lie perfectly straight with his heels hanging off the edge of a table, bench, or the top stair step. Put your thumbs on his ankles and compare. If you use his shoes, be sure they are squared off the same way for each leg, and draw them together without lifting. The calves should be relaxed and resting freely on the hard surface. If you find an eighth of an inch or more, you should definitely have an appointment to have the nerve control system released, before scoliosis can establish itself in a growing spine, or so the nervous system can have a full chance to heal or prevent various other organic or immunity-type problems.


  1.  Have your child sit straight facing you. Does his head tip to one side? Is one shoulder low?
  2.  Gently feeling both sides of his neck with your thumb on one side and your first finger on the other, is there a sore spot or an obvious bump?
  3.  Look at his back while he is standing. Is one shoulder low? Is one hip higher? Can you palpate an actual curve?
  4.  From the side, does his head jut forward? Is his upper back humped? Is his lower back swayed in a lot? Does he sit or stand stooped?

Nerves may still be blocked even when there is no pain in the neck, and none of the above are present. When any of the above are obviously present, it can mean back weakness when your child grows up. Usually, however, such problems can be easily corrected in the young age by an accurate and complete release of flow from the brain centers that control the back muscles.(Chronic recurring or unresponding back problems in adults often stem from this same blockage, but obviously the release process takes longer if the mis-aligned cervical region has been blocking the control nerves for a long time.)

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