Our amateur, in-house, video follows a woman in obvious low back pain

  • down the hall,
  • onto the neck treatment table,
  • receiving neck nerve release,
  • then getting up with immediate relief starting for the low back spasm
  • all without stopping the camera!

We treat the actual cause of most low back pain and weakness. Who would have thought a person, even suffering for years from a direct injury to the lower back, could have healing stimulated there by having the control nerve for that area released up at the base of the skull?

We have followed a precision system for doing exactly that for over 40 years.

Witness it happen on Linda Video below:

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Warning!  At the end of these videos, YouTube has started offering options from their company to view some of their other programs.   These have nothing to do with my business.  I consider it an invasion of my privacy and yours.  They evidently do research on what they think you like, and will play things you pick.  Some of these things are bad choices and probably don’t represent you.  Certainly not me.

Please write your Congressman and ask him to outlaw this invasion of your privacy and mine.


We invite you to view an highly-inspiring and amazing testimony of Millie.  For a year and a half she not only suffered, her pitiful, uncontrollable jerking condition virtually benched her from most activities of life!  These before and after three-minute clips are worth seeing!

Millie Before                                                                                    Millie After!



NOW SEE MONTEL WILLIAMS tell about our gentle approach and the good it did him.

Original chiropractic taught that the nerves strengthen and heal backache and many other conditions from the inside. The chiropractor using the accurate Grostic system of nerve release effectively bears out this natural healing philosophy. (See List on left.)

For the brain to control any tissue, it must have an intact nerve flowing freely to the area. For chiropractic to do what it originally proclaimed, the spinal adjusting system must be accurate enough to completely release the nerve blockages involved. The more specific the doctor can be in addressing the spinal correction, the more likely he will accomplish the release required. General cracking, snapping, and loosening up sometimes gets a nerve free to a remote tissue area. With the Grostic and most other upper-cervical approaches, the chiropractor works with high accuracy to accomplish the release in the vital brain stem area - the area where nerves to virtually all parts of the body can be blocked!  Our goal is to permanently center the offending vertebra. When this can be fully accomplished, life-long healings of the low back as well as body areas remote from the spine are helped by the released nerves.  The patient, his physician, or the public in general has basically no idea the body can be helped in this way!  Most of the public would never think to connect an organic mal-function with the nervous system.  

Our office does the Grostic/NUCCA neck specialty, and low back adjusting when necessary.

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