The sinuses are eight hollow places surrounding the nose, beside, above, and behind. Their function is generally to filter, moisten, and warm the air we breathe.

Sometimes the mucous lining tissues become inflamed causing selling and discharge. This often blocks the drainage openings, causing pressure with pain to build up in one or more cavities.

Chiropractors have found for years that often while working on someone to fix a sore back, the patient is delightfully surprised that his sinuses open up right on the adjustment table. In this message, we would like to trace why this happens.

First of all, chiropractors really treat places in the spine that block the nervous system. It is the nervous system that is so vitally important. Chiropractic happens to help the back very nicely, but its grand purpose is much more far-reaching than sore backs.

The nervous system is the communications network used by the general inborn intelligence of the body. This inner wisdom operates primarily out of the brain, and sends its orders and directions to all parts of the body over the nerve network. This is the intelligence that makes the heart beat faster when we walk up a flight of stairs. It commands, directs, and coordinates up to 800 functions of the liver, all at the same time—all without our having to think about it.

The sinuses have the benefit of this same wisdom also. Nerves to the sinuses allow this intelligence to constantly regulate the blood flow to the area. It also regulates the actual nutritional content of the blood itself that feeds the sinus tissues. Other nerves allow this inner power to monitor and stimulate the actual growth and well-being of the sinus tissues themselves.

Problems begin when one of the cervical vertebrae gets knocked out of line, blocks a nerve, and short circuits the message system. Many times the patient's sinuses open instantly, while the patient is still lying on the adjustment table. We have had patients that suffered for twenty plus years with bad sinuses, that after four or five very specific cervical adjustments were free from that problem!

There is an initial problem for the public, however: There is usually no pain at the crooked spot in the spine, so people are not able to make a connection between the pinched nerve there and their sinuses. So they live with it.

Modern specific chiropractic releases the flow of power with gentle spinal adjustments. The wisdom of the body goes to work, and many times even the worst sinus conditions heal. There is a key factor, however, in success with any nerve-related problem: the chiropractor must have a method that truly releases all of the patient's blockages. General 'loosening up' may help from time to time, but an intentional program to specifically correct the subluxated vertebra, and then train it to hold its corrected position, is more likely to be effective for the sinuses (or any other ailing area of the body to which the blocked nerves normally would be carrying their messages.)

Beecher Rd. Chiropractic follows the highly accurate Grostic method to accomplish this.

Click here to see an interesting video of a 10-year old boy receive his cervical adjustment to help his obvious sinus infection. 

Click here to see Dylan's near immediate healing!

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