The stomach is a marvelous organ that holds and mixes our food while digestive juices work. Problems with it can vary widely and include symptoms of indigestion, nausea, vomiting, gas, headaches, foul breath, burning pains, dizziness, and loss of appetite. These symptoms generally are created by an under- or over-active stomach and/or glands. Sometimes the wall of the stomach is inflamed or even ulcerated.

The chiropractor has found that all demands for stomach activity, fast action or slow action, must come from the natural intelligence that runs the body. This intelligence does its work from the brain, from which it commands and directs everything that happens in the body. The commands for more acid or less acid flash down from the brain through the spinal cord, and flow out over the nerves to the stomach.

Many times a vertebra in the spine can be twisted slightly, just enough to pinch or interfere with the flow along these nerves. The person cannot usually notice this pinching. Such mechanical interference short-circuits the directions from the brain. With no control, the stomach works out of control, and various mal-functions follow.

Spinal adjustments are required to realign the misaligned vertebrae. These are done generally by hand on specialized adjustment tables.

Releasing the flow of intelligence to the stomach, allows it to heal from the inside, fight bacteria, and again do its job properly.

For years people have been testifying to their chiropractors that their nagging indigestion and even ulcers have disappeared as a result of taking spinal adjustments for their back problems.

Pay attention to your spine; it may be the answer you've been seeking.

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