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There are many methods of correcting misaligned spinal vertebrae that block the nervous system. All have their happy followers. The Grostic method for the upper cervicals was developed in Ann Arbor, Michigan with the assistance of engineers from the University of Michigan. Its philosophy contends that the more accurately and completely the top cervical vertebra is realigned, the more bony interference will be removed from the brain stem area. Then as a result of more nerve tracts being released, more remote areas throughout the body will be affected.

The system was developed to accurately ascertain the point of dead center for the top vertebra in relation to the skull. The method was so consistent and reliable, that doctors all over the country were able to use one another's calculations on a case. X-ray analyses were made that were so accurate that different doctors could come up with the same calculations on the same misalignment film. A doctor himself could reposition the patient for follow-up films, precisely the same way each time with perfect centering, and reach exacting comparisons for the effectiveness of his adjustments.

This precision ability made three things possible:

1. By taking a comparative film, the doctor could confidently know that his cervical adjustments were in fact moving the segment towards center.

2. He had a measuring method by which to judge if any other techniques he might know, corrected this spinal mis-alignment as well as the Grostic Method.

3. Such accuracy made it possible for him to very effectively release the nerves. (And this meant all the nerves, not just the ones causing the patient's sore back complaint. Nerves to all areas of the body could and would now be released.)


The chiropractic claim is that if the inner wisdom of the body, the guiding force centered in the brain, can be kept in free-flowing communication with each remote part, then every organ or tissue, wherever it is, will have its best chances of performing in a healthy, appropriate manner. The blood circulation for food to and waste from each part must also be kept open. The same central coordinating wisdom sees to this by sending its messages over the nerves to the artery beds supplying each tissue. In turn, every single tissue properly wired, and with its blood flow fully regulated by the brain, has its best chances to be strong and resist disease.  Other nerves called 'trophic nerves' have been described as having to do with the growth and health of various tissues.

The Grostic chiropractor dedicates his professional career to teaching the profound idea of the body healing itself from within, and practicing an approach consistent with such a teaching. This approach says the only reason for adjusting a vertebra must be for the sole purpose of removing interference to the nerves! He does not want to treat your disease particularly, or your "catch" in the back. He wants to establish in your being, the complete freedom of your inner intelligent force, to flow and manifest itself to its greatest potential for you. (This would not only help your catch, but introduce you to a complete system of natural and overall health care.)  The Grostic cervical specialist may also administer lower spine adjustments to speed the body's healing, but unless the upper cervical area allows the nerve commands to get to the back pain below, manipulation there might well be required for a lifetime.  The patient's own nerves from the brainstem must be released to flow freely to the remote part, or an actual 'permanent' healing may never happen!


It follows that the chiropractor should use various instruments and tests to determine if every bit of knowable interference or blockage to nerves has been removed. These tests would be done each time before the patient leaves the office. (Presumably the doctor would not consider him/herself finished on a given visit until all nerve interference proved gone.) Judgment would not be made on an improvement in "pain", as usually when nerve interference exists, there is no pain at the point of blockage as a convenient warning.

The original chiropractic was based on the principal of nervous system release to restore the complete flow of the intelligence that runs the body, not simply pain treatment. Obviously having interference to any and all nerve pathways removed each visit, would allow the Grostic chiropractor to produce ramifications throughout the body for any areas that were sick, not just the pain spot that motivated the office visit. Pain relief is probably the least important aspect of this work (general health being far more important), even though its precision accuracy generally makes pain more likely to go away, and faster!

Patients come to the office first for pain relief, then for a short intensive series to have the misaligned segments corrected and their ligaments trained to hold them in place. Checking instruments are very important for determining the days when the patient can eventually come into the office checking "clear" (without nerve interference). It is highly important to leave the spine alone if no interference is present. Working on an area when it is not blocking nerves could both re-block some, and tend to keep the segments loose, rather than reach stability in their corrected positions. Reaching clear days is actually the goal. The chiropractor is trying to train the ligaments and muscles to hold the segments in the corrected position for months or more at a time! His total nerve-release purpose is profound! Chiropractic is not some continual loosening-up treatment to make you feel nice for awhile.

Complete accuracy in correction of the first cervical (atlas) vertebra pays. It makes healing much more possible in areas remote from the spine, because it achieves the most full release of the intelligence flow. Secondly, accuracy in correction makes permanent stability a much more likely possibility.


In the Grostic atlas adjustment, a corrective force is applied to the side of the top vertebra in precisely the right direction. This direction has been calculated to be the very path or channel the segment followed when it was originally jarred out of position. Because of this, the adjustment is unbelievably gentle! Further, such accuracy meets with no resistance by the body. There is no binding of the articulations, so a forceful "snap" is not required.

Most Grostic cervical specialists also have the training and facilities for working on the entire spine. They will tell you, however, that they and their patients have found that when the upper cervical area is corrected, the healing power of the body takes over, and is what is responsible for making unmatchable corrections in the lower back and virtually all other areas of the body. Often little or no other spinal work is even required, nerve blockage above actually being the root cause!

Consider Grostic chiropractic. It may solve your health problems and increase your active life span!  (Other upper cervical methods in use today  like Orthospinology, Atlas Orthogonal, and NUCCA all use the root system as developed by Dr. John Grostic of Ann Arbor, MI.)

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